sad cubone

Pokemovement is a global non-profit organization saving and restoring pokemon from the cruelties of this world.

We help pokemon all around the world by rescuing them from abusive trainers and nursing them in local pokecenters. We make sure that each and every pokemon is back to it's full strength before finding a new trainer.

At our pokecenters, our licensed practitioners check the pokemon for any injuries on the surface - cuts, bruises, wounds, etc. Then they search the body for broken limbs or bones, so they can begin that healing process quickly. The nurses also rehabilitate any internal bleeding or fractures, for those are the most detrimental of injuries.

Through time and goodwill, we restore the pokemon so they can live full lives with trainers that will fight for the pokemon as much as the pokemon will for them.

To support our cause and to aid these poor pokemon on their journeys, you can help by donating to Pokemovement. Together we can rid the world of abusive pokemon trainers and bring peace and harmony to all pokemon.

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