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Pokemovement has helped thousands upon thousands of pokemon from abusive trainers. Here are some statistics to prove that:

Pokemovement has helped over 4,000 pokemon this year and over 20,000 in total.
Pokemovement has aided about 200 different species of pokemon.
Pokemovement has supported 12 different regions including the Kanto Region, Whale Island, and the Hidden Leaf Village.
Pokemovement has established over 60 pokecenters worldwide to help and support pokemon in need.

We know not everyone believes facts, statistics, and numbers, so we also asked a few pokemon to give testaments about how they were rescued.

Pik pika pika pikachu! Pika pik! Pikachu pika pika pikachu!!!
- Pikachu
Char char charmander! Char mander mander charmander!! Char char mand char charmander!!
- Charmander
Ches ches pin chespin! Chespin ches ches! CHES CHES CHESPINNN!!!
- Chespin

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